What is a bail bond? 

A Bail Bond is basically an insurance policy.  The bond is to insure the defendant(s) appearance in court until the final disposition of his/her case.  Once the underwriting & indemnification of the bail bond is completed, a bonding agent will present the bond to the court of proper jurisdiction. The bond will be posted & the indemnitors (Co-Signer) will be directed on how & approximately when the defendant will be released.

When the defendant is initially arraigned the judge will typically set a bail or bond.  The bond is done through a Bail Bonding company such as 24/7 One Call Bail Bonds Gwinnett, in which case we only require a percentage of the bond amount in order to post the bond.

How much will you pay for the bond?

The premium and collateral amounts depend on the amount of the bond. For a free consultation call (678) 635-9498, and we will be more than happy to help.

What should you bring for most bonds?

  • One form of PHOTO ID – current and valid GA Driver’s License
  • TWO current pay stubs or a Current Bank Statement showing two Payroll Direct Deposits
  • Proof of address here in GA  – We prefer a Lease or Mortgage Coupon with your name on it  (but in most cases will accept a utility / electric bill or recent tax return.